A TRIP TO THE TROPICS The Hawaiian Tropics Botanical Garden – Hilo, HI

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  One of my favorite things about traveling to tropical places is checking out all their local flora. The thing that tickles me the most is that ...

INVASIVE WEEDS OF SOUTHERN ILLINOIS Part Two: Why They're Actually a Good Thing

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It might sound weird, but weeds aren't all that bad. They actually can have several beneficial uses.   Weeds are survivors. Most we...

How Do I Water My New Plants?: One Simple Rule to Successful Watering of Recently Transplanted Trees, Shrubs and Perennials.

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The act of watering sounds like it should be pretty simple and self-explanatory. However, many plantings fail due to under-watering and, just as equal...

Fire Pit and Fireplace Ideas

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Who doesn't enjoy sitting around a small fire with friends and family on those cool, spring nights in Southern Illinois? The days are getting longer a...

Bark Mulch Vs. Rock Mulch: What Type of Mulch Should I Use?

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    Trying to decide what type of mulch to use in your landscape?  With all the information available on the internet these d...

How to Update Your Existing Landscape

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 Trade out your overgrown junipers or yews for some compact, broad-leaf evergreens like boxwood or holly.     &nb...

Do you have Boxwood Blight? Symptoms to be Looking Out For:

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    There's a new plant disease reaping havoc in landscapes and gardens in the U.S.  No cases have yet been identified in Ill...

Climate Change Perk???

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We have all felt the changes in the weather in Southern Illinois in the last decade or two. We remember the snow storms that kept the kids home from s...

Japanese Beetles

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Be on the lookout for Japanese Beetles this month! They will munch through roses, crape myrtles, cherries and lythrum (to name a few) in no time flat....

2011 Must-Have Spectacular Plant Guide

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2011 Must-Have Spectacular Plant Guide!

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