Climate Change Perk???

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We have all felt the changes in the weather in Southern Illinois in the last decade or two. We remember the snow storms that kept the kids home from school and brought out the sleds and skis.

Whatever your opinions on the reasons for these changes, there have been some great PERKS!

The USDA plant hardiness zone map got an updating recently and for ornamental gardeners this brought some very cool news.

Zone 7 has come up from the south and has now entered southern Union County!!!!!

Some of those just out of reach, too-tender-for-us plants will now make it through the winter in southern Illinois.

Well, not quite that fast. It’s all relative and depends a good deal on your particular microclimate planting site and some other variables, but we can certainly expect to be rewarded with more and more previously touchy- hardiness plants  coming back to thrive and bloom away in southern Illinois.

So, this spring you might want to expand your plant horizons a bit with new plant material. Now we won't have to move to Tennessee or Kentucky to grow some of those gems!