How to Trim Knockout Roses:

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     Knockout shrub roses can grow like wildfire during the long growing seasons in Southern Illinois. Luckily they are super easy to prune. A light pruning to shape your plant can be done anytime of the year without sacrificing blooms. Trim your rose bush with a sharp pair of hedge shears after the first flush of flowers in the spring to speed up the next wave of blossoms and encourage full, tight growth of the entire plant. Dead-heading, or removing the spent flowers, throughout the growing season will also encourage more and more flowers. Remove any dead branches as needed throughout the year. This will aid in air flow and make the rose bush less susceptible to disease.

     In the late fall, trim your Knockout rose by removing the top 1/3 of the shrub. This will help the rose bush become nice and full the following year, as well as keep them at a manageable size. Unlike, hybrid tea roses, there is no need to cut your Knockout rose back to 1½-2' and mulch or cover for winter. Pruning one of these Knockout shrub roses is more like trimming a spirea or burning's just that easy!