How to Update Your Existing Landscape

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  1.  Trade out your overgrown junipers or yews for some compact, broad-leaf evergreens like boxwood or holly. 




  3. Get rid of your old, cracked concrete and replace it with concrete interlocking pavers. Choose a blended color, “cobblestone-like” pattern for a cozy, informal look.


  4. Add fire and/or water to your outdoor space. Incorporate all of the elements into your landscape and create a space that you will never want to leave.


      Water features can be as simple as a small fountain or a bubble rock or be as extravagant as giant waterfalls and reflection ponds. Discover how the sound of water can change the feeling of your space.

    They say that staring at fire stimulates the same parts of your brain as watching as TV. Next time there is nothing good on the television or you want to entertain a group of friends, head outside to the firepit with your marshmallows. The first thing to decide when thinking about installing a firepit is whether a permanent firepit is right for you. A permanent firepit is built into your patio or landscape and is usually constructed out of block or stone. If you are short on space or not sure where you want to install a firepit, a moveable firepit made of metal, might by the most appropriate for you.



  1.    4.  Mix edibles and/or natives with your landscape plants. Enlist the help of a landscape designer to help you create a garden that incorporates edibles and natives in a way that doesn't compromise the overall look of your existing landscape.