New Ideas for your Annual Containers

by Lauren Cook on .

   It's time to plant annuals in Southern Illinois!  Yay, seasonal color!  But, let's face it, when it comes to the container you plant your annuals in, the local selection is limited to say the least.  Pots and planters available at popular stores are boring, unimaginative and sometimes kitchy.  That's why I've compiled a list of some alternatives that are sure to spark an interest.

Grey Terracotta



I am in love with grey terracotta!  These pots look both modern and weathered.  They are available from  The scale and "weight" of the pots are perfect for large outdoor spaces and grand entries.




Light Up Planters


  I am usually not a fan of solar-powered outdoor lighting fixtures, but these planters are too cool to pass up.  They are sure to make any outdoor space feel cozy and intimate.  Available from Certified Lighting, these planters would be great conversation starters at your next evening BBQ.  Place on the corner of your patio or nestle within your flower beds. 





Bust Planters

    These quirky planters add a touch of whimsical to your garden.  Imagine how much fun you will have deciding on what you want to plant inside.  Check out the crazy hair on these "pot-heads"!






String Gardens

    Did you ever notice how all hanging baskets kind of look the same?  These hanging baskets have a little twist.  Hang a few at various lengths from a tree or around your patio.  I would love one inside my kitchen window.









Metal Planters

  Add an industrial flare or masculine flavor to your garden.  They almost look like boulders, but their metal!  The sharp edges of the planters contrast with the soft, succulent leaves of the plants to create maximum drama.  Available from Plantworx.






 Modern Planter Set

  These planters from Gooderdle allow you to get creative.  Sure to showcase any plant you put inside.  The white might be a little hard to keep clean, but a set of these would be perfect for indoors or a protected location.





 Classic Garden Ornaments

Did you know that we have a garden ornament manufacturer right here in Southern Illinois?  Classic Garden Ornaments creates pots and urns for landscape architects all around the country.  All pots are handmade with their own top secret limestone recipe.  They come in a variety of styles, colors, textures and washes.  Any garden would be honored to be home to one of these beautiful works of art!

 What to do with those old terracotta pots...

    This idea is so cool!  Create a neat cacti garden out of your broken terracotta pots!





  Break out the chalkboard paint to make a new herb garden or a Mother's Day gift.








 May Your Flower Pots Always Overfloweth!