Fire Pit and Fireplace Ideas

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Who doesn't enjoy sitting around a small fire with friends and family on those cool, spring nights in Southern Illinois? The days are getting longer and we are spending more and more time outside during both day and night. If you've ever thought about bringing the element of fire into your landscape, then you probably already know that you have many options when it comes to designing your own fire pit or fireplace. Your landscape designer or landscape contractor can assist you in making those choices to compliment you, your family and your lifestyle.


Fire Pits vs. Fireplaces

Fire Pits--

Fire pits are great because they give you the opportunity to enjoy your fire from all angles and are therefore great for entertaining. They are usually less expensive than fireplaces, ranging anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to install. Fire pits can be installed on patios or in lawn areas. The size of your fire pit depends on how big of flame you want to create and what your space will allow. A comfortable size for a fire pit on most patios is between 4 to 5 ½ feet in diameter. Other details of a fire pit are only limited to your imagination.


This fire pit is made out of natural limestone that has been cut and dry-stacked around a metal ring filled with decorative gravel.





Fireplaces make exquisite focal points in any outdoor space. They bring the luxury of the indoors out into the backyard and can warm up even the chilliest of spring or fall nights. Fireplace kits, like the one below available from Stone Age Manufacturing, can be easily built and customized to create a contemporary, traditional or rustic fireplace. Flank your fireplace with a couple seat walls or a wood storage bin. Before installation, be sure to check with your city's building codes. Your fireplace may be required to be a certain distance from your home.


Fire Pit and Fireplace Design Ideas


Want to impress your friends? Both fire pits and fireplaces can be either wood-burning or gas. Connect yours to gas with a remote-start burner and possess the ability to turn the flames up or down from anywhere in your backyard.


Have a scenic view you don't want to obstruct? Opt to sink your fire pit down into your patio instead of sitting it on top.


Have a giant patio or outdoor space? Install a see-thru fire place in the middle of this area to create two intimate “rooms”. An outdoor living room and an outdoor kitchen, perhaps? Bonus! Your flames can now be viewed from almost your entire yard.


Want to seat a lot of people around your fire pit? Install a seat wall, or a free-standing wall, surrounding your pit. Build it out of complimentary or matching materials, same as your fire pit.


Want that “custom look”? Add custom cut natural stone coping to your fire pit or a cut stone hearth to your fireplace. Or, cover the bottom of your fire pit with a decorative gravel or colorful fire glass of your choice.


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