Hot, New Annuals for Hot Weather 2012

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   It's that time of the year again!  We've past our last average frost date in Southern Illinois (Usually mid to late April).  This means it's safe to  plant tomatoes and peppers in the vegetable garden, bring our houseplants outside and plant annuals in pots and flower beds.  Every year brings new additions to our annual-planting pallette and this year is no different.  Scroll down to see the latest must-have annuals that are sure to fly off the shelves.

'Archangel' Angelonia

 This is the bigger and better Angelonia, with larger, denser flowers all summer.  This plant is almost unaffected by the hot, humid summers of Southern Illinois



'Uchu' Ornamental Pepper

  This is a weird one, but definitely worth a try.  The red and orange peppers look brighter than ever against the variegated leaves of this ornamental pepper.




'Cherry Star' Superbells Calibrachoa

 I love Million Bells because they seem to last forever, even lasting through a couple of frosts.  If you want to create drama with color, give this new cultivar a try with it's bright, magenta flower petals and contrasting yellow throat.

'White Russian' Supertunia 

 Mmmmm, this plant makes me thirsty!  Ditch the old Wave Petunias for the bigger and better Supertunias and give this white cultivar a try. 



'Black Coral' Elephant's Ear

You don't come across a black plant every day (that is alive, anyway).  This elephant's ear is totally black.  It's kind of creepy, contemporary and tropical all in one.