Advantages of Interlocking Brick Paving

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Are you thinking about installing a patio and wondering which paving option is best for you? Perhaps you should consider installing interlocking concrete pavers. They come in a variety of styles to match any home and their durability adds loads of value to your outdoor space. Read on to discover more about the advantages of installing an interlocking paver patio or walk.



  1. Withstanding Freezes and Thaws

      Since interlocking pavers are installed on a mortar-less, flexible base, they can withstand freeze-thaw climates. Unlike poured concrete, which is susceptible to cracks. Cracks can be unsightly and treacherous.


  2. Durability

      Professionally installed quality pavers can last over 40 years with little to no maintenance. Concrete pavers can even be installed as roads or driveways. If installed correctly, concrete pavers should require little to no future repairs. Many installers will offer a lifetime or extended warranty on interlocking paver installations.


  3. Easy to Repair

      Should you have a problem with your paver installation, such as unevenness, stains or chips, a repair is easily made by extracting and replacing the affected pavers.


  4. Environmentally-friendly

      Permeable paver installations are a great sustainable option as they prevent excess water run-off and erosion by capturing the site's storm water run-off, filtering and retaining rain water on site to permeate back into the surrounding soils.


  5. Easy Snow Removal

      Surfaces paved in interlocking concrete pavers can be plowed or shoveled much like a surface constructed of poured concrete. Snow melts faster on brick paved surfaces due to the breathable joints in the interlocking mortar-less system.


  6. A Plethora of Styling Options

      Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, formal or informal, brick pavers are available in almost any color, shape, size or style imaginable. Any style paver you choose will create an elegant paved area that no stamped concrete could ever imitate.