Cool Accessories for Your Outdoor Kitchen

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It's finally grill season once again in southern Illinois! That means it time to do some outdoor entertaining. And what better way to enjoy cooking in the outdoors than with a fabulous outdoor kitchen? Nowadays, outdoor kitchens consist of more than just a grill and a bar. There are almost as many options for an outdoor kitchen as there is for the kitchen inside your home. Whether you are considering installing a kitchen in your outdoor space or you have an existing kitchen space that you are looking to upgrade, you'll want to check out some of these cool accessories that are sure to impress you guests and make you the “Host with the Most”.

The Green Egg – The Ultimate Cooking Experience


If you haven't seen a Green Egg in action yet, just imagine grilling without the waiting and the guesswork. The Green Egg uses patented ceramic technology to design a state-of-the-art grill with precise temperature control and simple start. Not to mention a lifetime warranty, you are sure to taste the difference of the Green Egg. A Green Egg can even be built-in to your customized kitchen space.


Pizza Oven – A Taste of Italy in Your Backyard

Grilling is not the only type of cooking that goes on outdoors. At least, not when you own a pizza oven. Chop up some fresh veggies from the garden and through them on top of your pizza and you will impress even the most discerning of food critics. A pizza oven will toast your pizza to perfection in no time flat. Build a custom pizza oven out of stone, brick or stucco by using pizza oven construction kits like this from Stone Age Manufacturing.


Or go for a modern touch by adding a stainless steel pizza oven, like this Artisan Fire Pizza Oven from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. It sits right on top of your outdoor kitchen counter.



Ice Maker and Blender – Keeping Cool

Never run out of ice again! This would go perfectly with the blender bar accessory made by Fire Magic. You will be able to serve up frozen drinks all night long. Don't forget the tiny umbrellas!


Stainless Steel Dishwasher – Make Clean-up a Breeze

You won't have to draw straws for who has to clean up the mess after dinner ever again. Spend your evening playing host or hostess and leave the cleaning to this outdoor dishwasher.

The Kegerator – Good Times are on Tap!

A good lager is best served between 42 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit. A kegerator will keep your beer ice cold. Have your favorite brew on draught at your next summer get-together and keep everyone “chilled” out. While the keg is stored out of site, the tap sits right on top of your kitchen counter. This saves you valuable counter space in your kitchen or bar area.

Other Cool Stuff-


Looking to add a little shade to you kitchen space? No one wants to bake out in the hot sun, while they are slaving over a hot grill. But arbors do more than just add a little shade. They also add structure to you landscaping and act as a transition element between the indoors and outside. Arbors are also a great way to denote space and create smaller rooms within larger landscapes. This arbor from Parasoleil has a little twist. The patterns in the ceiling of the arbor add a decorative touch and broadcast interesting shade patterns on the space below.

If you've ever designed a kitchen, then you know how important lighting can be, but sometimes landscape lighting can be...well, boring. Why not add an outdoor chandelier for a touch of class? Or these neat gas lamps make for a cozy, intimate backdrop to your outdoor entertaining. They come on posts or can be wall mounted.


All-weather flat screen TV's are available in a variety of sizes and are important so you don't miss the big game while you are outside cooking. However, that's already been done and where is the WOW factor in that? Why not have your own movie theater in your backyard with this huge, inflatable projection screen. This way, everyone can watch the show from anywhere in your yard, from the kitchen to the pool. Invite the whole neighborhood over and make sure to have the popcorn ready!

These are just a small sample of some of the outdoor kitchen accessories available today from some of the best manufacturers. If you have a space that you wish to add some upgrades to, meet with your landscape designer to discuss designing an outdoor kitchen that meets all your needs. Outdoor kitchens can be customize specifically for your space and is only limited by the imagination. Bring the luxuries of the indoors outside and you will never want to leave!