1-2-3 Recipe for a Successful Annual Container Planting

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    Container planting can be creative and fun, but the amount of choices you have when it comes to plant material can be overwhelming. Have you ever walked into a greenhouse or garden center and not known where to start? Plant selection can sometimes take longer than it does to actually plant all of your annuals in your flower pot or container. Once you've got your planter and potting soil, remember these three words:


  1. Thriller – The thriller is your tallest plant. For one-sided arrangement, place your Thriller in the back of your container. For flower pot that will be seen from all angles, plant your Thriller in the middle of the planter. Grasses, elephant ear, draceana spikes and cordyline make great Thriller plants.

  2. Filler – Filler plants have a mounded habit. They are planted around the base of your Thriller. Excellent filler plants include geranium, coleus, begonia, impatiens, euphorbia and asparagus fern.

  3. Spiller – Spiller plants are those that sprawl over the side of your planter. They can be accent plants like vinca, creeping jenny, english ivy and sweet potato vine. Or they can be flowering, like petunias, million bells, verbena and bacopa.


Follow these three simple steps and you will be well on your way to creating a beautiful annual container planting that you can enjoy all summer long!