Top 5 Scientifically-Proven Reasons Why You Need a Water Feature in Your Landscape

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     Have you been toying with the idea of installing a water feature within your landscape? A water feature can be anything from a small, elegant fountain to a large, naturalistic pond with a water fall. Read on to see what benefits water features can have for you. They can be more than just a pretty addition to your outdoor space.



  1. Negative ions -

      Breaking water creates negative ions, or negatively charged molecules. Negative ions have been found to increase oxygen and serotonin levels in the brain. Not only that, but negative ions can also help neutralize pollen, mold and dust particles in the air, purifying the air for allergy and asthma sufferers.

  2. Soothing the Soul -

      It's hard to deny the calming effects of the sound of water. Moms for years have known that the sound of running water can help put a crying baby to sleep. Possibly reminding them of the noises heard inside the womb. City planners and architects have been working fountains and moving water into public areas since Mesopotamian times. Helping ease the stresses of daily life for all its citizens.

  3. Attracts Birds -

      Birds need water for drinking and grooming themselves. Being warm-blooded animals, they use water to cool themselves off in the heat. Birds that may not be attracted to feeders, may be attracted to water sources in your yard. Birds are great pollinators for your flowers. The more birds in your garden, the happier your garden!

  4. Focal Point -

      Every good design has a focal point to draw the viewer's attention. It acts as a starting point as it draws the viewer into the design. Secondary focal points can be added through out the garden to guide the viewer through the landscape. Water features, whether they be ponds or a simple fountain, make excellent focal points as they provide a stark contrast against the green foliage of plants.

  5. Cooling -

      Water can cool the surrounding air by evaporative cooling, or the process of liquid water turning to water vapor. Think it's too hot outside to sit out on your patio? You'll feel much cooler, If you add a little H20 to your sitting area. You will want to sit outside all day!