Attracting Hummingbirds in Southern Illinois

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Invite hummingbirds to your garden by planting these summer-blooming plants!


Mandevilla vine – A tropical vine (unfortunately, it's an annual) with dark, glossy leaves and bright pink, red, white or yellow flowers. Full sun and wind tolerant. Can grow 10-15' in one season. Can be brought indoors and over-wintered.


Weigela – a green or burgundy leaf shrub that is available in compact and larger sizes. During summer, it will be covered in 1-2” long, magenta, trumpet-shaped flowers. After bloom, the plant will flower sporadically through out the rest of summer.


Million Bells – A tough and drought tolerant trailing annual, that is great for containers and hanging baskets. Availabe in all the colors of the rainbow and will even withstand a few frosts in the fall.


Red Hot Poker - Red and yellow spiky flowers rise up vertically from the grass-like foliage in later spring. Hummingbirds won't be able to get enough of this full sun, perennial plant.


Honeysuckle vine – This vine has a beautiful, unique pink flower that has a slight fragrance. It is not nearly as invasive as the wild honeysuckle bush, but will still climb quickly up a lattice or trellis. More sun will bring more flowers for this vigorous vine.


Fuchsia – This plant is excellent for hanging baskets for sun or shade. Though it is an annual in Southern Illinois, it will still bloom all summer long. It will be covered dangling blooms in colors of purple, pink and white.