Seasonal Landscaping Tips for the Fall

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We’re saying goodbye to summer and hello to the colorful fall season! Over the next few months you can look forward to an evolving landscape full of vibrant and beautiful colors. Beautiful fall colors also signal the need for different types of landscape maintenance. We encourage you to ensure your landscape is prepared to survive the winter months by considering landscape maintenance work during the fall. Work performed now will ensure vibrant scenery come springtime, and hopefully save you some headaches in the process.

If you’ve not yet incorporated plant material into your landscape, or if you would like to compliment your landscape with additional plantings, fall is a great time to do so! The reason fall is a great time to focus on plant material is that, during this time, shrub roots have the best chance of propagating their root systems. The cool and moist soil during the fall season will allow shrubs to cultivate a root system that allows them to achieve more vigorous growth when spring arrives.

You should also make sure that young plants that do not have established root systems are protected from cold weather and soil erosion. The setting in of frost during the fall, along with an increase in rainfall, threatens young plants with frost cracking of the stems and soil erosion. Applying a layer of mulch before hard frost sets in and soil erosion takes hold will help to ensure your younger plants are ready to blossom come springtime.  Also, newly planted trees need to have their trunks wrapped with an appropriate material to keep the freezing and thawing action on the sunny side of the stem from cracking apart the bark and damaging the tree.

With plants increased access to water you’ll have less of a need for irrigation systems. Fall is a good time to give attention to your irrigation systems, draining and winterizing the lines to ensure that they do not corrode, freeze, or break during the winter months. During this time you should also have your water lines inspected for any issues that may impact the function of your irrigation systems.

We hope this blog will guide you in an assessment of fall needs for your landscape. If you have any questions about the types of landscape maintenance discussed above, or questions regarding other seasonal maintenance, we have trained horticulturalists on staff and we’re happy to field them. Please feel comfortable calling Greenridge Landscaping at 618-549-6165.