Garden Design Process

So, you’ve got a project in mind. Where do we begin? Every project is different and unique to the client and their space, but the process of creative design and planning for every job is really quite similar.

Step one

Contact Greenridge Landscaping via either the phone or the website and speak with one of our designers. If you contact us through the website, one of our designers will respond within 24 hours. Please be prepared to answer a few simple questions about the project and how you heard about us. Based on the information you provide us, we will schedule the initial consultation and determine whether to meet at the job site or at our design center.

Step two

Upon the initial consultation, you and your designer will discuss the project in further detail. You might be asked to fill out a questionnaire about yourself and the space. You and your designer will discuss such things as styles, colors, space usage, budget and maintenance, to name a few. Your designer will guide you through pictures and/or our display garden to help get the creative juices flowing. At this point, the designer will be able to give you an idea of design fee pricing and may ask you to sign a design contract for the process.

Step three

Your designer will need to visit the site to take pictures and measurements and take notes on any site challenges that may need to be addressed. If you have access to an accurate plat of survey or floor plan to your home, now would be the time to make a copy for your designer to help speed this part of the process along.

Step four

Your designer will prepare a presentation package according to your needs and budget. This package will include a computer-generated, bird’s eye view plan of the project, a plant list with pictures and an estimate for the installation of the proposed plan. Depending on the scope of the work, plan revisions may be needed before finalizing the “perfect” design.

You presentation package may also include one or more of the following:

  • Proposed hardscape materials
  • An elevation drawing
  • A 3-D computer-aided design (multi-elevation projects)
  • A digitally-enhanced “Before/After” photo

This concludes the design process for now and the installation can begin! Rest assured, your designer will be the one overseeing the installation of your project from beginning to end, making sure the details discussed during the design process come out exactly the way you’ve imagined. But it doesn’t stop there, after completion of the project and you are totally satisfied with the outcome, your designer will show you how to care for your new investment so that it may reach it’s full potential.